Who on Earth is this lady talking about Burnout and telling me that she can help me get a BreakThrough?

Who is she? Well, I am happy to share.

In my physical form, I hold many labels. From my spirit I know I am a part of this experience we call life.


Desdemonia Wenzel MS, MFT | Self Care Consultant and Coach with over 17 years of clinical practice, training, and expertise. 


I bring years of personal and professional experiences to the topic of Self-Care as I have a strong commitment to the education and personal well-being of leaders. My process will help you to decrease the onset of burnout, manage stress, and work quickly through times of fear and self-doubt. I promote the emotional well being of high achieving leaders through coaching, consultation and speaking. I provide personal development coaching to leaders throughout the United States personally and virtually. I am truly passionate about helping leaders manage the emotional ups and downs that come with the journey of success.



AS A MOTHER: I love witnessing the experiences on my teen. She is the sweetest and drives me completely up a wall every single day. I can not imagine life without her. I am one of those mothers that is on the club volleyball circuit, sacrificing hours of my life to support her. Sometimes, I want to drink my way through the process. It can be really painful at times. Especially, when they are not winning.

AS A DOG OWNER: My dog is better than yours. Yes, I said it! He is our adult super puppy. I love him more each day. He is very gross Boxer puppy as he drools all the time, he walks around licking the floor and the cabinets which drives my daughter bonkers. He really is the catalyst to many of our laughs. I am always amazed at how much more work he causes for me and yet, I do it willingly.

AS AN ENTRPRENEUR: I love to create and I love my freedom. I create based on my gifts and I am energized when I receive feedback that people are experiencing breakthroughs and sharing their deep transformations. I love business and the flexibility it brings to my life.



MY FAMILY & FRIENDS: I love my people! I love to gift and entertain all of my loved ones. They give me so much strength, courage, inspiration, and motivation! I feel so safe and blessed all at the same time. My time with these people centers me and I am always grateful.

MY SPIRITUALITY: I love this area of my life. As this has been my greatest area of growth realizing that this thing called life has nothing to do with me. And as I have learned and continue to practice how to lean in to receive and experience the wonders of this World, I have only grown and am enlightened. Just as I receive, I know that I have been designed to give and I too am a gift to this universe.

MY HEALTH: I am a two-time breast cancer survivor. So, I have a love-hate relationship with the concept of wellness. When I was my healthiest I was diagnosed with cancer which caused a rift in my understanding of what healthy means. It took some time for to trust, love and respect my body again. And from this place I eat well, hydrate, move my body often, and have regular check-ups.

MY LIFESTYLE: OH YES! This is my JAM RIGHT HERE! Yes, Lifestyle! I love fancy. I love all of the finer things in life and can only appreciate these gifts when I am in alignment with my truth. My truth is to live my life unapologetically, work smart, and play hard.




"Let’s all live inspired lives, and change the world!"

Tony Horton

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